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 Enterprise Strategy Leader

                       Enable  Business Strategy for Business Differentiation

ICMG Enterprise Strategy Certification Program

ICMG Enterprise Strategy Certification Program evaluates ability to model business strategies, strategy variations, system envisioning, specify overall requirements and execution and result.

Note: All the testing and certifications are administered with strict quality controls.

Level 1

ICMG Certified Enterprise Strategy Leader 

Essential Certification

Level 2

ICMG Certified Enterprise Strategy Leader 

Practitioner Certification

Why ICMG Enterprise Strategy Certification Program?

  • Growth opportunities

  • Business heads, Business owners 

Our Enterprise Anatomy driven strategies are enabling business

differentiation and service agility

The majority of our workshop participants are members of Strategy Team or Chief Architects or Department Heads or Product Heads who are focused on both short-term and long-term advantages

  • Decision Making

Unfortunately, often Strategy practice is about creating 45-50 complex looking diagrams, spent 7-12 weeks and then no one is able to implement. Our Enterprise Anatomy approach ensures that strategy elements, process elements are being used on day-day decision making. Learn How.

  • Strategy Execution Prototype

  • Multi-skill

Understanding a single technique or an inadequate framework is not the same as learning business strategy. It necessitates a wide range of abilities, from business definition to system requirements, business process modeling to network architecture, application models to technological rules, implementation, and the capacity to guarantee that operational systems fulfill the original intended business goals

  • Strategy Execution 30 days cycle

Our programs are not just about individual development, but also about how successfully a team can apply acquired abilities to current projects. Our guidance does not end with classroom instruction; our team collaborates with you to turn classroom experience into successful solutions, beginning with early prototypes.

In every other industry, Architecture is about managing complexity with low cost and faster delivery. Unfortunately, prevailing BoK is exactly done the reverse. With ICMG breakthrough in IT Anatomy, you can create architecture driven solutions in 30 days cycle. Learn How.

  • Strategy Elements Basis for Digital Enterprise

The misuse of "Architecture" is most prevalent in Enterprise today. Sometime, "implementation details" are referred as "Architecture", else "vendor products" are referred as "Architecture". Remember, buying Mittal Steel doesn't get the Architecture of your Building for free. Discover how to develop architecture pieces that serve as the foundation for Strategy Execution

  • Static Ideas vs Strategy on the fly

Without Civil Engineering, Civil Architecture makes no sense. Similarly, strewing random thoughts does not result in Strategy. Discover how to obtain the "structure" of your Enterprise Strategy through the use of six variables. How to rapidly develop new business strategy models in response to new possibilities.

Certification Process







The test schedule needs to be worked out with the coordinator. 

Level I Essential
First, the participants have to complete the Enterprise Strategy course. After completion of the course, the participant can register for certification and take up 2-hour online test.

Level II
Practitioner Certification
The participant submits one of their case study for evaluation. They have to develop the strategy elements, define mappings and ensure that the suggested solution results in better outcome. Subsequently, the result of the case study has to be presented to the certification panel. Please note that qualifying Level I certification is mandatory before taking up the Level II certification
Fees : $199

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