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Enterprise Plan

Our Subscription have proven handy in rating, advising, education and business success.

Your Enterprise subscription is sure to keep you and your organization on top of the latest and best in enterprise architecture, enterprise engineering and digital enterprise. This is paramount for any senior manager or decision makers, as the key to maximizing your return is through executable Architecture.

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Value from Enterprise Architecture

Interestingly, every second customer who approaches us is dissatisfied with the efforts and values generated by Enterprise Architecture after engaging one of the top ten global consulting firms.

We are discussing about architecture of an enterprise.  A multi-disciplinary skill that ensure that Enterprise teams from Sales, Marketing, Support, Production, Engineering, R&D, Finance, HR, Legal, Information Technology etc. are identifying the areas to make the changes for becoming digital-ready.

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Choosing Right Architecture

We mean different architecture models such as business strategy models, business process models, system models, technology models (network models, application models, UI model, security model, data models, etc.), implementation models, operating models. Although the Project owner tries to create the value proposition, the development stakeholders tackle their own concerns and issues.

And the list will go on.


In this melee, the project owner has no time to focus on the need to create value for clients, users and key stakeholders.

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Which is your best bet for applying this

changing and high impact skill?

Which is your best bet for applying this changing and high impact skill? Trial and error, individual consultants, naivety of the Top Consulting Firms deployed team? Experts with no insight into the business strategy who are fantastic at IT skills? How about professionals with knowledge of vendor-specific tools?



Our Architecture Services

Endless possibilities with architecture services .


Get score of your Architecture 

ICMG Architecture Rating program and service is far ahead and stands above all competitors. Over 1000 projects and solutions across 40 countries have been checked and evaluated. We multiple service options that include rating of single project, multiple projects within a single Function Unit (Department) and Enterprise-wide project rating.


Use Architecture as a basis for your projects,
and solution

ICMG architecture services (Rating, Consulting, Education, Awards & Listing) are probably a better choice for progressive enterprises and the team who create or review architecture for projects, digital solutions, and already have some experience.

ICMG will help you improve
the execution of your strategies.

By providing project insights, best practices in architecture, industry-specific Enterprise Anatomy models to address various problems and solutions, ICMG can help you enhance your strategy execution. 



We are excited to offer subscription plan for progressive enterprises




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$ 59,999


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-14 at 4.27.00 PM.jpeg

$ 99,999


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$ 1,49,000

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