If you plan to use Digital Architecture for Business Differentiation, this workshop is for you.

Key  Features

Skills & Domain

This program imparts competency for digital architecture, business modeling, system envisioning, technology selection, system specification, and software process, domain knowledge etc.

Case studies

Real-time case studies on IT Architecture usage for digital transformation, product development, custom development, digital anatomy etc.



Biz Idea to IT 

Managers can learn how to architect a Business idea to IT implementation in six steps, ensuring software reuse, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration

7000 Trained

Over 7000 Architects & Managers are trained across 20 countries. Product Managers, Solution Owners & Architects, Technical Geeks, Project Managers, IT Heads across industries are benefitted immensely.

Key  Modules

How to Apply?

Best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market for Digital Enterprise

Less is More

How to manage growing IT complexity, maintenance overheads, technology obsolescence, time to market for Digital Enterprise

Six Variables

How to define IT Architecture and transform into implementation 

Simulation & Impact

How to create Digital Enterprise Anatomy models by creating "well integrated, models of models"

Assemble on-demand

   Architecting an IoT Solution for the Cloud using Enterprise Anatomy 

System QoS

How to define QoS such as Reliability, Performance for Digital Enterprise and model it for realization


Case studies 

Case studies covering across 18 different industries

1. Deconstruct Business Process Model for multiple Targets

Learn how business process is linked to Departments, People, Locations, Customers, Suppliers, Business rules Event, Time cycle, User Screen

2. Realize QoS Framework for multiple stakeholders

How to define QoS, how to design systems to support QoS, how to define each QoS characteristics for multiple stakeholders, how to create a QoS reuse model

3. System Modelling for managing change & complexity

How to model systems to manage complexity, how to model for product line architecture, how to manage change in a consistent way, how to balance Performance and Reliability

4. Digital Transformation

How to create the key building blocks (elements) of digital transformation to support Mobile Apps as new access channel, cloud-based deployment, AI, Robots and IoT enabled systems



5. Architecture for SOA, Microservices Solutions

IT Anatomy provides well-integrated model of several IT Models. These sub models cover six variables and six perspectives. How to use these IT Architecture elements to create SOA models on the fly as well as support microservices.

6. Architecture for IoT Solution for the Cloud

How to use the "IT Anatomy" approach for developing a Solution Architecture for an IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Nikhil Kale
Advisory Software Engineer 

The practical aspect and approach towards architecture, Applying architectural thinking in regular activities and the experience and the insight that Sunil had in this field greatly enhanced the course content. How to develop a mindset to applying architecture in all aspects of Software design, development and validating and i is a must attend for all professionals designing, developing software, even for test engineers


Prabhu Jha

Vice President Delivery

JK Technoloft

Decomposition and mapping of requirements at all levels, Strategy to implementation, View for each group of stakeholders etc. are very helpful. Any Project and Program Manager, New or practicing Architect. This workshop will give a perspective which has been missing from everything we do and it needs to be corrected.

Lakshminarayanan Sundareswaran

Asst Director (Infrastructure Innovations) – EY

The topic by itself was an eye-opener. A lot myths were busted out by the instructor which was very nice. IT architecture is a business problem and not that of IT

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12 - 13 Dec 2019

Two days hands-on workshop, IT Architecture for Digital Enterprise


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19 - 20 Dec 2019

Two days hands-on workshop, IT Architecture for Digital Enterprise


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