You can choose the service option based on the number of projects for rating

Things to Note:

Service delivered via Digital Channels

  • The entire evaluation is done via online channels such as calls, video interactions, portal access etc. 

  • The above pricing is based on evaluation based on digital channels only.

  • If on-site visit is required for interactions, assessment will be charged extra for those efforts

Stakeholders, Time Zone 

  • A time zone variation upto 2 hours will be still be counted as one Time Zone.

  • If the Time zone variations are more than 2 hours, additional service fee will be charged



  • The estimated efforts are 100 hours. After initial discussion, efforts can be revised. If the escalation is more than 10%, the difference will be charged at the standard per hour rate. 

Evaluation Duration

  • Normally, assessment (including Report) will be completed within 5 weeks.

  • It is necessary to ensure that the questions and assessment forms are answered in decent time.

  • The delay in information collection has a cascading impact.

  • Solution Benchmark,

    Time is Now 

    It's a great opportunity for the project Directors and senior management to benchmark their Enterprise & Digital Architecture capability and its applicability in driving digital solutions and customer services.  The solution benchmark that eats the competition.

  • See Behind Technology Complexity

    CEOs worldwide are realizing that the complexity of Technical Design is not the measure of Excellence. This rating is useful for companies to measure the readiness of a project or a solution to address one or more business goals. The smart choice.

  • Prioritize Your Next Investment

    Due to Pandemic, it's important to prioritize your investments and project portfolio. Evaluate technology alignment with business goals, explore technology innovation and its impact on compliance requirements to heightened financial control.

  • 3... 2... 1... Measuring Project Readiness

    If you are embarking on Digital Transformation Programs, gain insight into alignment across strategy models, process models, system models, technology, implementation, and operational models. Measure project readiness, when you need results.

when you should ask for Architecture Rating service?


RATING service

It provides a confidential architecture rating and assessment for a project /solution to fulfill intended business objectives. 

The rating is based on project use cases / scenarios related to business goals, business process, system capability, technology maturity, implementation effectiveness and operational excellence. 


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