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30 Days IT Architecture Methodology 

How to create and customize your current software methodology to be Architecture driven? 
-How quickly could we map between CXO model and developers code?
-Inter-relationship between an Activity in Process Model and a Method in Class Model?
-How to create six variations of Technology Models and Logical ?
-How to customize your Architecture methodology to integrate with your 30 days sprint cycle?

Quality of service for software systems 

How to define Quality of Service framework such that definition and inter-relationships of each of the quality characteristics are well defined. There is a good way to define the context and the quantification for each of the characteristics such as Reliability or Accessbility. Is it sufficient to say that "we need availability of 24 x7" or should we define the "time to recover system after a crash" as a more appropriate specification for availability for engineering?  

IT Requirement Management 

Everyone agrees that tracing requirements and tracking requirement progress are key to successful implementation with minimal gaps. How the changes are being introduced and how to validate the impact of change continues to be an important area of concern. Have you included wireframe for modeling UI as a part of requirement management? How about modeling business process (BPMN models) as an importnt artifact for documenting your requirements? 


Model Management & Version Control 


A successful Architecture practice requires a well managed Architecture Repository / Knowledge Base that will help realize the objectives and ability to address Stakeholder concerns effectively. Many organisations have a plethora of models in different media and formats. We will help you with our expertise in defining your ITA Knowledge Base and processes for populating and centrally managing Models in a Architecture Tool for better Solutions. We cover areas such as sharing across teams, access control, repository mnagement etc.

IT Architecture Governance

IT Architecture Governance involves establishing Authority structures and processes for assessment of Architectures. It also includes Change Management of Architecture assets. This needs to be balanced against the organisation’s work culture and mission. We bring our finely honed expertise in this area to help you to establish what is just right for your organisation.

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How to create and customize your current software methodology to be Architecture driven? -How quickly could we map between CXO model and developers code? -Inter-relation...
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