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How to get your Senior Team
ready for Strategy Execution

Our Enterprise Select Program

Enterprise Select Program

The new Enterprise Select Program consist of training sessions,
post workshop support and 100 hours of prototype.

Team>> Individual

Getting Project Ready >>

Teams trained at the same time ensure appreciation for each other’s challenges and needs.

Minimize the time delay in knowledge transfer, individual readiness vs. team readiness.

Customize Course Content 


Each Enterprise team has a specific goal. That would need customization.
Often, we have changed our inhouse delivery to focus on one or more of the following issues
- How to transform a Business idea to Enterprise implementation while others are exploring how to reduce design complexities?
 - How to create an effective business case for a product or product line or a IoT enabled system for Cloud ?

- How to use model-driven analysis, design, and architecture disciplines' best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market?

- How to create effective traceability across Enterprise elements for relationship matrix & change management?

In-house sessions are custom designed and delivered. You will have review sessions with our team to cover certain topics which are not part of our standard public workshop

Industry case studies

If you are designing and developing systems for Healthcare, it's imperative that you see more references to systems from Healthcare. This is exactly what we do. We help you to understand your problems and solution in the context of your industry. 
In addition, we also share with your some successful projects from other industry domains and identify how to use the learnings to bring disruptions in your industry.


Theory vs Practise

In last 23 years, we have evolved Enterprise Anatomy and several methodologies to address and respond to architecture issues in real time. 


Answers to questions such as how to design for “everything is a service”, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration? or how to share common process, technology stack and emerging enterprise dynamics, can't be understood with presentation slides alone.


Our workshops are driven by hands-on case studies and lab sessions.  In fact, 60-70% of the workshop time is spent in case studies and lab sessions.


Based on the workshop goals and customization, the workshop duration is extended to ensure that key concepts and practice around that is well understood.


Normally, The new Enterprise Select Program consist of 12 hours of training sessions, post workshop support and 100 hours of prototype.


In last 23 years of customer interactions, we have realised that post- workshop support and mentoring is the key to results. 

We understand that a workshop is only the start of a journey. As a manager or practitioner, the challenge starts once you are out of the workshop. There is a need for help and guidance which can accelerate learning into practice. 


Our experts engage with participants via virtual round-table sessions to guarantee they can use Enterprise Anatomy-driven solutions within weeks of attending courses.

The new Enterprise Select Program consist of training sessions, post workshop support and 100 hours of prototype. That is, all of your time and money spent in the workshop will begin to generate value within a few weeks.

Post-workshop support​ and Prototype.


Key Features

Post Workshop kit



Post workshop kit
All the workshop case studies summary slidess (PDFs),
Additional Case studies ( PDFs)
Mock Test Paper

Post workshop Q&A


Subject related queries are answered by ICMG Consultants

Complementary webinar sessions for workshop participants based on their skill and project


Subject related queries are answered by ICMG Consultants

Our team will help the participants in applying the skills acquired during training using prototypes. Applying these skills in solution prototype is an effective way of realizing value



Level 1 - Essentials
Level 2 - Practitioner

Web round Table Meetings


Round Table Sessions ( online) are an important part of our coaching and mentoring services.

Why ICMG Enterprise Strategy Workshop?

  • Growth opportunities

 Our Anatomy driven Enterprise Solutions are enabling business differentiation and service agility

  • Decision Making

Unfortunately, most other Strategy practice consists of spending 7-12 weeks generating 45-50 complex-looking diagrams that no one uses. Our Enterprise Anatomy methodology guarantees that strategy models are utilized in day-to-day decision making. Discover How.

  • Solution Prototype

Our programs are not just about individual development, but also about how successfully a team can apply acquired abilities to current projects. Our guidance does not end with classroom instruction; our team collaborates with you to turn classroom experience into successful solutions, beginning with early prototypes.

  • Architecture Elements as basis for Strategy Exectuion

The misuse of "Architecture" is most prevalent in Enterprise today. Sometime, "implementation details" are referred as "Architecture", else "vendor products" are referred as "Architecture". Remember, buying Mittal Steel doesn't get the Architecture of your Building for free. Discover how to develop architecture pieces that serve as the foundation for Strategy Execution.

  • Business heads, Business owners 

The majority of our workshop participants are members of Stratey Team or Chief Architects or Department Heads or Product Heads who are focused on both short-term and long-term advantages.

  • Multi-skill

Understanding a single technique or an inadequate framework is not the same as learning business strategy. It necessitates a wide range of abilities, from business definition to system requirements, business process modeling to network architecture, application models to technological rules, implementation, and the capacity to guarantee that operational systems fulfill the original intended business goals.

  • Strategy Execution in 30 days cycle

Architecture is about managing complexity with a low cost and a rapid delivery in every other sector. Regrettably, the prevalent Enterprise Body of Knowledge does just the opposite. With ICMG's Enterprise Anatomy breakthrough, you can develop architecture-driven solutions in a 30-day cycle. Find How.

  • Static Ideas vs Strategy on the fly

Without Civil Engineering, Civil Architecture makes no sense. Similarly, strewing random thoughts does not result in Strategy. Discover how to obtain the "structure" of your Enterprise Strategy through the use of six variables. How to rapidly develop new business strategy models in response to new possibilities.

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