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Ontology plus Methodology creates Architecture.

The methodology, by itself, creates Legacy

John Zachman, CEO Zachman International

It’s important to create single variable architecture models than creating multi-variable implementation models and call it “Architecture”. Single variable models are key to longevity of Architecture. Also, it’s important to link strategy models to the operational models using six stages of reification.

Digital Architecture is key to Digital Transformation. Of course, Digital Architecture is not a random set of models drawn for just a few stakeholders. Understanding of Digital Anatomy is the key to create Digital Architecture.

The Digital Architecture and an Instance of The Digital Architecture are two different things. 

Sunil Dutt Jha

CEO ICMG International

Part 1

Why is the Zachman Framework so misunderstood?

Part 2 

When did you realize the Zachman Framework was an ontology?

Part 3

What makes you confident that the Zachman Framework is the Enterprise Ontology?

Part 4

Are Business Strategies Primitives or Composites?

part 5

Do you mean "granular" when you say "primitive?"

part 6

Can BPMN Models be classified in the Zachman Framework Column 2, Row 2 ?

part 7

How does the Zachman Framework™ compare with other frameworks?

part 8

How do you feel about people downloading your Framework and Calling themselves Enterprise Architects?

part 9

What is the Role of the Enterprise Architect?

part 10

What is preventing Enterprise Architects from doing Enterprise diagnosis?

part 11

Have some industries or regions adopted the Zachman Framework more than others?

part 12

Isn't writing code a better short term strategy than Architecture?

part 13

Can a CEO expect EA to produce solutions in a 30 day cycle?

part 14 

Why isn't Enterprise Architecture universal and generally accepted?

part 15

Do you see EA evolving into an actual discipline like Engineering or Mathematics?

part 16

What can an Enterprise do to achieve success with Enterprise Architecture?

part 17

What made you stop using the overhead projector?

part 18

How do you split time between Zachman International and the FEAC Institute? What are your plans for both?

Part 19

How do people who take the Zachman training change their minds about EA?

Part 20

How do we convince upper management that Enterprise Architecture is not I.T.?

Part 21

What does the Enterprise Architecture tool environment look like right now?

Part 22

What are your thoughts for an Enterprise that wants EA?

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