What's Missing in Your Architecture Framework? How Did You Live Without It?

Almost all the ideas and things that have a suffix or prefix "framework" are basically composite models by design i.e., multi-variable models and not the single variable models. 
Either they are inconsistent in terms of perspectives (transformation stages, 3000 years old) or incomplete due to lack of support of six variables (5000 years old).

Did Somebody Say Models in PPT, Excel, UML, Visio? Will it make up the Enterprise Architecture?

In all major Projects there are many Stakeholder Groups from Executive to Operational with differing Requirements. 

With static models inside PPT’s, Excel and PDF’s, it is nearly impossible to link them end to end for us to create the Enterprise Architecture that will show how well ithe Project addressed these Requirements and contributed to Enterprise Objectives

We will see how we can capture the variables and Perspectives for the Project from these “Static” models and create the Enterprise Architecture. 

Can I use Zachman Framework If my focus is just one Project / Solution?

IOften we are asked, what is the right Project Architecture framework? Is it possible to use Zachman Framework?



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