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Global Digital Architecture  Excellence Awards 2021

Enterprise   |  Strategy |  Operations |  IT   |  Solutions |  Industries

Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in new technologies, re-imagined business processes, innovative business models, tighter regulations, heightened customer preferences etc., etc. within the Enterprise.


This has resulted in a need to properly Architect Business and Technology Solutions both at the Enterprise and Solution level. Although many have realized this, very few Enterprise Architecture Programs can be thought of as “Excellent”.

At ICMG, our vision is to recognize and reward digital Architecture Excellence for the good of the Enterprise.

Modeling contributes significantly towards this and within ICMG we call this approach
“Inter-Connected Models for the Good of the Enterprise”.  

DAY-4, 11 Feb 2022

02.00 PM - 05.00 PM EST


Architecture Excellence Awards 2021


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