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Digital Architecture with Zachman Framework Workshop

19 - 20 Dec 2019


How to define Digital Enterprise and  IT systems and implementation.


This two-day hands-on workshop provides an excellent opportunity to understand how to define Digital Enterprise and architect IT System for managing change and complexity with ever reducing Budget. We will co-relate the patterns of problem & solutions of other industries. You can learn how to define Digital Enterprise and  IT systems and implementation using six variables. 


You can create Enterprise Anatomy Models and IT Anatomy Models by creating "well integrated, models of models" including logical (system) models as well as technical (specifications) models for six  variables i.e. data, function, rule, network, time, UI. Then you use engineering techniques such traceability, relationship matrix, impact analysis and simulation to understand the functioning and structure of IT systems.


Once, you have the Anatomy, you can use it for supporting Architecture for multiple IT Solutions such as SOA projects, Microservices  or IoT enabled Could Solutions etc..


Value Added Service

  • Pre-workshop kit (Rs 999)
    It consists of Skill Test, White papers, Presentations, Short videos
  • Post-workshop kit (Rs1999)
    All the workshop case studies summary slides (PDFs),
    Additional Case studies ( PDFs) 
    Mock Test Paper
    Webinars - 2
  • Post-workshop Q&A ( Rs 4000 / hr)
    Subject related queries are answered by ICMG Consultants
  • Certification ( Two Levels)
    Level 1 - Essentials   ( Rs 2999)
    Level 2 - Practitioner (Rs 7999)



Two Days Digital Architecture Workshop Mumbai

$39,999.00 Regular Price
$33,999.15Sale Price
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