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Enterprise Strategy Execution Workshop (One-on-One)


2 hrs x 5 sessions


This workshop will focus on how to define Digital Enterprise and Business Strategy  to ensure faster and reliable execution for growth opportunities. Our customers across the globe agree that 10 hours spent with Sunil Dutt Jha would not only save years of hard work, trial & errors but provides the undue advantage of using Enterprise Anatomy as a tool for business differentiation.

Why Attend
1. A MUST if you want to ACCELERATE Digital Transformation (project, $5mn and above) and resolve digital PERFORMANCE problems

2. If you are part of a select group, chosen for difficult and challenging projects, go beyond your gut feel, go deeper into Digital Anatomy, Digital Enterprise, highly recommended 


ICMG Enterprise Strategy Leadership Certification (IESLC) Program is specially designed for business and technology executives. This workshop will address how to manage Digital "disorders" and emerging opportunities using Enterprise Architecture. 

Who Should Attend :

If you are the chosen one entrusted with the responsibility for the digital journey for one or more of the following


1. New Business Model  (e.g. new product, new service offerings, new revenue opportunities, product transformation)

2. Customer Experience (e.g. purchasing process, service availability) 

3. Operational efficiency (e.g. process optimization, capital use, supply chain, employee integration)

What You Will Learn
Learn 10 Methodologies to Kick start Enterprise Strategy and Digital Transformation 

1. How to extract Strategy Elements from ongoing chaos

2. Refine Business Strategies and Execution using six-step transformation

3. Improve Digital business by improving Business Processes using process elements

4. Create Digital Architecture using IT primitives ( data, function, network, rules, UI, timing)

5. Create Enterprise Architecture for Digital Enterprise using the interconnected model of models

6. Create Digital Anatomy (incrementally and iteratively)

7. Create Digital X-Rays on demand for issues and emerging opportunities 5-7 days cycle