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An entry fee for nominating project/projects to Enterprise & Digital Architecture Awards Competition 2023. The participating company/team will get access to ICMG My Architecture portal to submit the information.


Enterprise Type (& Size)  and Nomination Fee :

 1)  Government Agencies, Departments (one nomination) is free.

2)   Small & Medium Enterprises (Annual Revenue less than US$ 500 million) per nomination is $195.00

3)   Large Enterprises (Annual Revenue : US$ 500 million and above ) per nomination  is $395.00


Please note that this fee is payable per project, per category submitted for evaluation.

  • If a company is submitting one project for one category, the fee is payable for one nomination. 
  • If a company is submitting a single project for 4 categories, the fee is payable for 4 nominations

For Government departments and agencies, only one nomination is exempted from the entry fee. If a project is submitted for more than one award category, then the entry fee to be paid for the same.

Note: while making the payment, please share the email id /account used in My Architecture portal 

Architecture Rating and Awards 2023 Nomination Fee

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