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Inviting Submissions for Top Chief Architects in 2021 - Find a Niche That Matches

We are pleased to seek submissions for the award category, namely, "Top Global Chief Architects," in order to honor those who have made significant contributions to the success of their organizations via the use of Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology Architecture.

This award recognizes the Chief Architect's capacity to apply architecture practice to prepare businesses for fast change, to assist with growth objectives, and to shape skills that serve as a "business differentiator".

The Top 25 Regional Chief Architects list will be used to compile the yearly list, which will be published in February during Architecture World Summit Online Event (8-9-10-11 Feb), New York.

Furthermore, their efforts contribute to the acceptance of Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology Architecture as a new subject. Architectural Awards of Excellence ICMG are awarded to organizations who have effectively employed architecture to achieve their commercial objectives.

Every year, nominations are sought for a variety of award categories, for which nominations are accepted.

Who is eligible to take part?

This regional and worldwide list gives a chance to highlight outstanding performance in one or more of the following categories:

1. Those who have exhibited initiative and foresight in decision-making (new thinking, the action plan, etc.),

2. Made important contributions to the development of the discipline (Enterprise & IT Architecture)

3.If you were a vital contributor to a recent merger and acquisition, or if you are expanding your business into a new territory, or if you have developed a new service offering, etc.

4.If you are the driving force behind Business Strategy to Execution, Business Transformation, or Digital Transformation, you should choose a career in consulting.

5.If innovation is ingrained in your DNA and you have successfully established leadership in areas such as industry-leading solutions, customer-oriented business models, supply chain and logistics, and so on, we invite you to apply.

6.Did you develop a Customer-Oriented Business Model that has brought honor to your company? It's time to be recognized for your efforts.

7. Did you assist your organization in achieving the desired result from its Supply Chain and Logistics efforts?

8. If you designed a Top Rated Solution For CRM this year and have specific recommendations for what others should do to achieve rapid CRM adoption, please share them with us.

9. How to Transform fresh thinking and an action plan into the desired outcome, and you have shown to be a master at this.

10. An Incredibly Simple Method That Works For All Merger and Acquisition Transactions... You're a part of an incredible journey that you'd want to tell others about.

11. If you have discovered a simple way to save a significant amount of time and effort in the area of IT landscape rationalization every year and would like to share your findings with the community, then contact us.

12. A fantastic new discovery for an IoT-enabled solution that makes life easier while also making stakeholders happy.

13. If you have designed an Exciting New Artificial Intelligence Product or a Solution and would want to share it with the community of practitioners, please submit your proposal.

Key Parameters for Evaluation

There are eight key parameters to identify the winners

1.Measurable Results Ability to meet the business goal and stakeholder expectations

2.Decision Making Leadership in decision making (new thinking, the action plan, etc.)

3.Enterprise & IT Architecture Contribution to the growth of the discipline (Enterprise & IT Architecture)

4.Ground Breaking Projects M & A, Growing Business in New Territory, New Service Offering etc., IT Product

5.Efficiency Initiatives IT Landscape Rationalisation, Business Process Improvements, Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology, IT Infrastructure, IT Security

6.State of the Art (Technology adoption) IoT Enabled Solution, Future IT (Emerging Technologies), Cloud Technologies and Solutions, SoA Vision for Enterprise Services,

7.Change Agent Business Strategy to Execution, Business Architecture, Business Transformation, Digital Architecture, Enterprise Architecture 8.Innovation Industry Leading Solutions, Customer Oriented Business Models, Supply Chain & Logistics,

Join the Exclusive List of Achievers

Here is a list of winners in last 4 years for your easy reference

Would you be prepared if you were given the opportunity to enter the list of the Top Chief Architects in 2021 right now?

There are three ways of nomination.

  1. All the Chief Architects who have submitted for project/service/ solution categories automatically qualify for this award

  2. In case you have not nominated any project this year; still, you can nominate self for this award by downloading the nomination form

  3. Your peers can nominate you for excellence.

If you have a high level of business and technical impact and have generated demonstrable outcomes in 2021 utilizing Enterprise & IT Architecture, you need worldwide visibility and acknowledgment. Need to not be hesitant; apply right away by filling the online form.

I guess, recognizing the achievements of team and individuals are essential, but it may be particularly important this year given the challenges presented by the pandemic.

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