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architecture for financial services

Architecture For Financial Services

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Fast track architecture rating for financial solutions

This service offering consists of applying ICMG’s Architecture Assessment Framework to arrive at the Ratings for Project / Solution Architecture. A comprehensive Rating Report is presented with recommendations for 


Architecture Ratings and awards for financial projects

Every year for the past 15 years, we have been holding Architecture Rating competitions and Awards Summits at Regional and Global Locations around the world. Many Fortune 100 companies have taken part in this program and benefited immensely. On-Site and Off-Site assessments of Project Architectures are carried out and Winners are presented with Awards at Regional and Global level.

workshop on digital architecture for financial enterprises

We conduct Architecture Workshops with a focus on BFSI case studies for Decision  Makers,  Architects,  and Business Process Owners.  You can attend a public session in /near your city.
This can be delivered in-house in a Custom Tailored Format

Enterprise anatomy for financial services

ICMG Enterprise Anatomy Models enable teams to implement Enterprise Architecture at the project level while maintaining a focus on Enterprise Value.


If you require EA for your Financial Enterprise or Architecture for a Financial Service, our Consultants can provide assistance, Best Practice ideas, and model development.

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